I had some old Ubuntu version, so I decided to update to the latest 12.04.

I did update one version at the time using sudo apt-get-update.

Everything went well until I got to my final Update (12.04) coming

From 11.10.

On my desktop, I don’t have any menu bars, just a few icons.

The short-key commands don’t work.

I managed to create a launcher terminal, so I can check the missing files and update to whatever was missing.

Now my terminal launch is not working.

I want to uninstall 12.04 and install it again.

I have a Windows XP and I don’t have the cd for the Windows Recovery Console.

Please advice.


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asked by mozart_azul
3 years 21 weeks ago

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Sometimes there is broken packages and cause these kind of issues.

Why not you reboot the machine and in the grub menu choose the recovery option and you'll see a menu appear with recovery options. There you choose fix broken packages or something and then reboot. I think it should started working again.

If still an issue while in the login screen, choose a different window manager like ubuntu 2d or gnome if it's there and give it a try. Yours look more like an window manager issue to me. good luck.

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answer by Visitor
3 years 21 weeks ago
  • I will try your suggestion over the weekend.
    Thanks for your input.

    - mozart_azul 3 years 21 weeks ago
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