I use terminal a lot and none of the shortcuts work for launching a terminal. It is really a pain to launch through the menu. I'm sure someone would have figured it out. Please share the ubuntu terminal shortcut key, thanks.

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asked by raj
6 years 8 weeks ago

2 Answers

  • even works on the 10.04 LTS version, thanks dude!

    - Visitor 3 years 43 weeks ago
  • Answer

    Ubuntu by default doesnt include a shortcut for Terminal window. However you set your favorite key as shortcut for Ubuntu Terminal.

    • Goto System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Under Desktop category, choose Run a Terminal
    • Now press the key you want to set as shortcut (I pressed Ctrl + T)
    • Click close
    • Now Ctrl + T is the Ubuntu Terminal Shortcut

    Hope this helps.

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    answer by Geeky
    6 years 8 weeks ago
  • Thank u

    - Visitor 3 years 36 weeks ago
  • Ctrl+Alt+T works by default in Ubuntu 11

    - Visitor 4 years 15 weeks ago
  • Answer

    Ctrrl+Alt+T works by default in Ubuntu 11. You can change the shortcut using the steps given above.

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    answer by Visitor
    4 years 15 weeks ago
  • thanks!

    - Visitor 3 years 39 weeks ago
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