I'm a Linux newbie who has fallen in love with Ubuntu.

This is my 2d attempt to post this question.  Please forgive me if I UNintentionally posted it more than once.

I started with Ubuntu 10.10 32-bit, and I think I need/want to upgrade to Ver. 10.10 64-bit, so that I can install Wine, so that I can run my favorite voice recognition software, Dragon Naturally Speaking ("Dragon").  Dragon can be run in a 32-bit environment, but it's slow and more error prone in a 32-bit environment.

Does anyone know where I can learn about how to upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit, whether my plans for Wine and Dragon are reasonable or not?



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asked by marceepooNu
4 years 39 weeks ago

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  • I am wondering about the same thing, isnt it possible to use the config from 32 bit, so i have all the programs, addons ++ when i have updated to 64 bit?

    - Visitor 3 years 39 weeks ago
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    As far as i know, you can't upgrade from a 32 bit ubuntu installation to a 64 bit installation. You have two options

    1. Install ubuntu 64bit by creating a new partition

    2. Format and reinstall ubuntu 64bit as a new install


    I'm not sure about the Dragon software. If they claim (dragon) that the software performs better in 64bit linux, then you should try it out.

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    answer by Visitor
    4 years 39 weeks ago

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